Thursday, May 26, 2011

Public Service Announcement: Playstation Network Outage


So Playstation Network hmm what do you think of when you say that? Free? That's generally the biggest selling point for it, but now STOLEN CREDIT CARDS!!!

Thats what most people think, with the most recent security breach, many brows were raised, fists were clenched and gods were cursed. For those who don't have access to any news or internet, I have no idea how youd be reading this but......, Sony's servers were hacked and blah blah tech babble blah blah a large amount of customer information was put at risk.

At first Sony claimed that they only had acccess to Playstation ID, email and password, not a huge deal irritating but not a huge deal. Then as the outage continued more questions were raised and more information was added to the list of things that could have been stolen, credit card number, birth date, soul oh wait PS3 owners dont have souls, haha just kidding but seriously. This was very worrisome for many Playstation 3 owners, in my little section of the world there were at least a half dozen customers that were thinking about converting to Xbox. I am sure in larger areas this actually happened and it was many more.

The overall servers are back online so cursing 8 year olds, rednecks who just want to shoot shit, and the few the proud people who actually play online because they enjoy competition and miss the days of sportsmanship can play Call of Duty again, but you can't buy anything from the Playstation Store, still down.

On the upside customers who have been effected by the outage are receiving some nice free games for both PS3 and PSP owners along with 48, last number I saw, days of free Playstation Plus. Nice perks for fans but does this really fix the overall issue? Their reputation.

Ok so opinion part. I am an Xbox guy and play only Sony exclusives on the PS3, but I do recognize PSN has come a long way and it is comparable to Xbox Live, but this type of issue could ruin their potential future buyers especially if it happens again or they still cannot get things back 100%. Gaming now is so online focused unlike me, I really play almost nothing online, and this outage and threat of stolen credit cards could ruin future Sony-ites. I am worried for Sony's sake that this situation could be their Red Ring of Death , yes they are offering free stuff and Microsoft instated the three year RRoD warranty. They both tried to make nice with consumers and Microsoft was not 100% successful and satisfying everyone, can Sony please everyone? Somehow I doubt it but no one can ever please everyone.

So overall people are too damn pissy and will hold a grudge until Sony bends over and pulls an exorbitant amount of money out of their dookie drains for every person effected, is this fair? Hell no, mistakes happen people screw up life goes on. In my opinion Sony needs to reimburse those who lost money in this situation, including Playstation Plus members, apologize and move on. Everyone thinks they are owed something just because some genius hacked their servers, give me a break. Some will continue to bleed purple, some will keep their systems warily and some will dump them for an Xbox. As long as the latter doesn't outweigh the previous Sony will be fine. HUZZAH!!

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