Wednesday, September 29, 2010

7 Games This Year

So for the rest of this year I am screwed, I am going to have a geek attack. Here are some of the games that I am looking forward to so much I think I may die from anticipation.

1.Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 10/5
I have never really been a fan of Castlevania, but I have also never given it a chance and this series is generally associated with some of the biggest fanboys ever, just an opinion of course. After seeing some game play this game looks like similar to a God of War game set in the Castlevania universe, this makes Mr. TTB very happy.

2.Kirby Epic Yarn 10/17
I loved Kirby 64 and played it tons. I enjoy the classic feel that the Kirby series has brought to the table. I got to play Epic Yarn and the changes they made added a whole new aspect to the game hidden areas, ripping yarn enemies to pieces, a secret fantasy of mine, made the childish look of the game fade and all I wanted to do was find all the damn buttons I could and shove them into Kirby's non-existent pink pockets.

3.Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 10/26
I absolutely loved the first in this series, except for the achievement glitch that I encountered, and the game play that I saw made certain parts of my pants tighten. With a new targeting system and a beefed up physics engine this game will bring hours of force harnessing murder to my home.

4.Fable III 10/26
FABLE MAKES ME HAPPY! ( I am a little concerned about the subtracting of RPG elements)

5.Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 11/16
I already posted about the game play and the reasons that I am looking forward to this game so suffice it to say, the game ran wonderfully.

6.Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 11/16
This series has done nothing but improve and this one looks to improve even more and that makes me happy. I have been an Ubisoft since Prince of Persia and in my opinion Assassin's Creed is the modern day Prince of Persia. I enjoy stealth killing and even the occasional large group of guards that must be dispatched by my blade.

7.Donkey Kong Country Returns 11/21
My dad and I played all of the Donkey Kong games and with the exception of 3 they were all great and again getting my hands on this one and actually playing co-op with a co-worker made me severely anticipate this game. My girlfriend and I will definitely have hours of fun with the offline co-op that is slowly dissipating in this world of gaming.

These are just a handful of the titles that I am looking forward to the most there are many more that are on my radar, but these are the ones that made The List.
(My lists will all be in sevens... Don't ask.)

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