Saturday, September 18, 2010

Review: Fable II

Yet again I'm reviewing and older game but that's what I want to do so shut up, haha just kidding. Overall I enjoyed the experience of Fable II, but as always I will use my meticulous nature for evil, finding little things worng with the game.

The story was okay, but by no means outstanding, it jumped around and was fairly predictable at every turn. The characters lacked personality and had that generic Molyneux feel along with the always present cheeky humor. Oh, and not to mention the ending was very anti-climatic, I wont ruin it for you but damn, I've never felt less heroic.

I HATE THE DOG MECHANIC!!!! I think that is all I need to say about that.

I would say the biggest thing that held this game back was the little gold line that lead you to the next objective. You know what Molyneux, I understand that you feel Americans are idiots but we don't ALL need a little line telling us where to go, and oh yea some of us even like to explore freely, I know crazy huh. I actually thought of the golden line as a little brother running around in front of you and the second you try to do something else he goes, "Hey this way, are you gonna go this way hey hey hey hey. Let's go please. Can we go this way, I wanna free the slaves. Hey let's go make a general moral choice that has no feel of reality and there is no gray area."

Well that little rant leads me to my next complaint, the Morality System. This system had a "yes" or "no" feeling where there is no other option. No opportunity to make a decision that you may make in real life, you are either holy or evil and in my travels I have seen very few people be either of these extremes. This really takes away from the game, in my opinion, and don't get me wrong its not just this game that does it nearly all games in this generation have a Morality System and they all do the same "yes" or "no".

One more thing that I will complain about is the amount of glitches in the game. They overran the game making some areas super annoying and almost made me put down the controller. Sparrow can fight giant trolls and slay banshees but a little rock or the edge of a flight of stairs will stop him dead in his tracks. Edges stuck out like boulders in this game. Well back to the glitches, I've seen people, enemies, and even my dog disappear. The enemy one was the most obnoxious because I couldn't complete an objective due to an enemy getting stuck in a rock.

Ok, to the good parts, I enjoyed the battle system and at times I did enjoy the story. It kept me playing even though I found multiple things wrong with it and I was genuinely pleased when it was over. I even found myself thinking of playing through another time and being evil. I have a lot easier time telling people what I didn't like than telling them what I did so. I LIKED DA FABLE II GAME IT MAKE ME SMILE!

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