Thursday, September 9, 2010

Butcher Knife + Playstation 3 = Instatutionalism

Working retail is always fun, but on occasion it is extremely enjoyable. This enjoyment is driven by the colorful and often entertaining patrons that enter our fine establishments. One of those individuals will be discussed in this post.

A couple approaches the counter, carrying a child, " We need a new PS3."

After this initial statement the general banter ensues, new used blah blah blah. They make their decision, which is not relevant to the story, and as the system is being scanned and bagged, the female asks, " Do you take broken systems?"

As the associate begins to answer she says, "Wait never mind you won't take it."

The associate looks at her questioningly, her response, "I took a butcher knife to it to get the game out."

As all gazes are cast upon her, "What, I couldn't find my screwdriver."

Not Actual System

I genuinely hope she meant the tool and not the drink, because this individual drinking while wielding a butcher knife makes Depends a product for me. I think it worries me most because apparently in this household there are no better utensils suited for destroying a beautiful piece of machinery, no crowbar, no hammer, no flame thrower... nothing. That still isn't the most disturbing point in all this, THEY HAVE A CHILD. This poor child will forever be confused, using a pencil to spread peanut-butter, writing with butter knives, using a stiletto heel as a hammer. Who knows what damage could be done if these types of poor utensil decisions are made every day. There isn't any amount of institutionalism that will fix this disorder.

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  1. I worry about some of the people who reproduce these days...

    Great first post! Welcome to the blogging world!